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tv   [untitled]    March 17, 2012 12:30am-1:00am PDT

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exhibit 11. it may have been in japan. the question was a generic -- and they have been in june. the question was generic. it is our policy to require a new notice when something comes in for renewal. that is our policy and practice. the complaint was not made until the end of july. at the time, the significant amount of work had been completed. we saw photographs of of very close to completion. i took the photographs and plant and i went back to the original person who reviewed them and i asked what does comply with our current requirements? i was told that yes, it would. we also -- we relied on the previous interpretation. when something has been
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completed, we would not require a new notice for it. i made a decision not to require a new notice. i take full responsibility for that. subsequently, we were very clear with the project sponsor that the building had be built exactly to the letter. we were very clear. the request was very observant, and noted that the ridge line protruded the frap -- the flat front of the building. there were issues raised about the doorbell and the other details. we did discuss those with preservation. it was a line call for them as well about the bay window. ultimately, we only went forward when it was determined that this was acceptable. the proposal was acceptable. the detailing is also acceptable, as they have finally completed the building.
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preservation staff has reviewed the photographs. we have had numerous site visits. i do not know if it has been 160 hours of staff time, but it has been many hours. they had to file a revision permits because shaving the inches off the bridge resulted in a structural change of the building. that is what the permanent -- that is what the permit documents. i have not heard any complaints from any of the adjacent property owners. there is a mailed notice. there were no appeals on this permit. i have yet to hear any concerns from the adjacent neighbors. the thought process i went through in making this decision
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-- i did wanted to make you aware of that. it is not an easy call. it was not an easy call for me. i wanted to explain that. thank you. commissioner moore: i have two questions. with the current beginning of integrating the permanent and planning department, with something like that be able to happen today? >> it is something -- we have not started the new tracking system yet. this is something -- one of the issues we have identified. in speaking with senior and chief and deputy directors i building department, this is something they have identified as a problem already. for these permits that come in for renewal, it is my understanding that they are
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robbing them all to planning. commissioner moore: under the improved new system, something like this would not have happened? >> that is correct. these changes were recently implemented on their side. this should not happen again today. it was identified as an issue. commissioner moore: thank you. somehow, i would have been interested to hear -- so we could hear of what their discussions would be, which would be very informative to me. the best decision could -- should come after their discussion. if not just for the right reasons, but for supporting this project. they have been in deliberation.
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that is what i would be more comfortable with. that is my own personal expression. commissioner antonini: i think we are looking at individual projects here. it seems to me that, if i'm understanding what you said, there was an existing permit from quite some time ago. the new permit was not appealed. that was my first thought, why is this even here? when it was inspected, it was found they had followed the letter of the permit, except for the one item. the height issue. that was all that was asked to be corrected. >> there were concerned about the facade changes. photos -- it was not clear there would be in compliance. subsequent to that, they did make the changes.
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the department work with them to ensure the facade, in order to get the final occupancy, they would need this permit. commissioner antonini: that was all that we asked them to do. this is all fine, what you have done as far as the facades is concerned is acceptable. that probably came later, i would expect. >> there was discussion and at that time, the initial stock position had been to not allow the bay to be extended. it is not something that is before for review. >> it predates, for one thing. >> it is not a landmark building. even under a new reduced --
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review today. commissioner antonini: it would be out of their jurisdiction. it does not apply. it seems to me that project sponsors have done what they were asked to do. they did everything, and there was one error that was found, and they have corrected it. that is what is more hard to believe that about this. we are doing it after the fact. >> that has performed. commissioner antonini: we are dealing with something that is finished. hopefully, this will not be the end of that. i am very much in support of the motion. all these technical questions about process should be dealt with at a later time. certainly not holding this project hostage. >> commissioners, the motion on
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the floor is to approve this project proposed. supervisor avalos. [roll call vote] 5-2, passed. thank you, commissioners. you are now at the general public comment. >> the meeting is adjourned. >> thank you.
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>> let's get the party started. and i want to thank the mayor for being here and our team, the schoolboard. most important, my wife and son are here. i think i will read this because i don't want to get emotional.
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i wrote this letter, and i took some time to think about it. it is with mixed emotions, i announce my retirement on july 10. the time has come to retire so i can spend more time with friends and loved ones. i think it is important, while i still can ride my motorcycle. i have had the opportunity to work with some fantastic colleagues. they have done a phenomenal job
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. this is like a dream come true. the last five years have been an opportunity i have never had. it is nice to end my career. it has been an honor and privelege to serve this community. they had the wisdom to hire me. our work has restored my faith in the excellent opportunities that do exist. school boards can serve the
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students that are most under- served. the work has a long way to go, but if san francisco maintains its course, we will have no problem in determining student success. the freedom fighters have stood with me to make sure students are a priority. it is not our fault. that is a state infrastructure problem, and in spite of those cuts, as a result, we are one
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of the few districts that is doign well, and we are having to make tough choices, but we are going to get there. think about the fact that in 11 years we have had steady grow th. in the last three years, we have showed double digit growth. we had teachers and administrators who saw this as a civil rights issue. when we improve the conditions of underserved children, we
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serve all children, so i want to commend the work. there is a lot of work to be done, but i leave knowing the work will continue because we have quality people. the city, the partnership we have developed is like no other place in america. where else can we have all the other departments work hand-in-hand. where else do they go otut
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there and believe in children? i want to commend the community for standing up for social justice, so we have a lot of work ahead of us, and i may be a lame duck but not a dead duck. negotiating with partners, hoping we eliminate as many layoffs as possible, because this is one community, and we need to stand up for one another. it has been an honor and a privilege. thank you very much.
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[applause] >> hi, i am the president of the school board. today is a sad day for our school district to know superintendent garcia will be leaving after the school year. it seems like we just started this journey. what we have seen is positive growth in students.
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we have increased access to rigorous curriculum. this includes requriement for high school graduation, so we could say we have much to celebrate, but the board wants to continue the positive direction. there is no one single school board member that feels we are finished. we want to continue to support our goals and initiatives, so we made a decision to invite one person who has played a centra
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l role in achievements, so we are going to invite this person to take it to the next level, and that is no toher than oru current deputy superintendent. [applause] >> thank you. [speaknig spanish] ladies and gentlemen, i just shared a few words with you in spanish because entering
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schools, i only spoke spanish. i cannot tell you how proud my parents would be that we have focused on the path to be successful so they will be superintendents and doctors and lawyers. this is a labor of love, and i can tell you san francisco is unlike anyplace else where we believe in social justidce, and that does not happen without the leadership you see.
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most of all, our students, so i look forward to wroking to continue the work we started. i look forward to pushing ourselves to provide a better opportunity. my partner, my wife who is with me today, thank you for being here. i would have had my children here, but they are in school, but i want to thank the board for this trust you have placed i n me, so thank you very much, and i look forward to this
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next chapter. [applause] >> i want to bring up our mayor , who is a strong supporter o f f public schools. we are grateful to have him as co-chair, so our strong partner in public schools, mayor ed lee. [applause] >> thank you. i don't know how someone my age can figure out an escape so easily, but i want to congratulate you, and on behalf
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of city government, thank you so much for sacrificing. these days you haeear about heas of educational institutions in transition, and there are a lot of people who regard education as academic. i get a sense carlos was a different person, and he was always different. the first thing i noticed when i first met him, he was not speaking as an academic.
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he is speaking about kids and how we want them to succeed. he has championed programs and relationships, whether in the school board or toher programs, championed programs that are aimed at making kids first in our lives. that is what i liked most. it should not be a surprise he is leaving at a time there has been marked improvement. whether it is championing programs, these are programs i learned about, and realizing
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they are aimed at achievement gaps, and they have made great stridesw while the other children were enjoying the benefits, what has made it different is the special relationship with our city, one i will make sure continuses to happen. we are never satisfied with the status quo. if we were,w e would have gone baack to when the mayor was
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suffering. we care for our kids, not just in precious hours of education, but success has to do with education. that is why it has never been about a rainy day fund. we can support what goes on in and around the schools. we are always experiencing the cuts at the federal and state level, and we are always challenged, and it is not only those cuts beginning in
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kindergarten. how many express that it is about continuing all the way to college, and then to have carlos working with the dept of public health, or as a member of my cabinet, so many other departments engaged in the need for our kids to be successful in and out of the classroom. it is those i believe to be mroe successful, and i know richard is going to inherit this as we
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meet new challenges. we are going to approach them in an enthusiastic way, that is the best way we honor your leadership, to carrry those out in more increased vigor. we have been funding a ltot of work and going about the business of solidifying a relationship that is created, so thank you for putting kids first. thank you for expressing your
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love for 37 years, not only for institutions but for people when you can express your love, it gets us into saying i want to join because parents fee ll it, because school board members feel it. that is what gets me up every day, if i can get kids knowing education is 24/7. everything else has to be successful. we have to have academic foundations. if we can get all the others
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successful, we can figure out other revenue streams so we are not worried about pinnk slips. we are not going to lay off teachers. this is where we have to go. thank you for the progress. i look forward to this. thank you very much. [applause] >> we know you want to spend mroe time with family, but i think you want to travel the world. we are going to


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